• I noticed your recent edits.¬†:p

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    • Thanks. Great to be back. This recent announcement for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 has really hyped me up. I'm going to try to be more active here and add as much information as possible.

      By the way, thanks for keeping this place up while I was absent.

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    • Also if you still want to help out here I have a new idea for the front page instead of the portal. This should be easier to make and would be more appropriate to the wiki's main topic as well.

      Basically my idea is to make a scrollable box (which scrolls horizontally) with all appropriately linked six video games that this wiki features in order of release. I have all the image shows below in the order that they should appear on the template.

      CoverArt LEGOMarvelSuperHeroes2
      LEGO Batman Beyond Gotham 6
      Lego batman 2
      Lego batman the videogame

      If this isn't any trouble I'd like for you to do this for me but if you're busy with other stuff that's understandable :)

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    • Yep just like that. I didn't know there was a pre-built template already available.

      Thanks for that you may add it to the main page if you'd like.

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    • All I did was edit the old template add some css.

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    • Oh ok. No need to manually add it then.

      Is it possible for you to link the articles to each image? I'd do it myself but using |link={{PAGENAME}} just breaks the template, so I'm not sure if there is another way to do this.

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    • Oh man, I'm sorry, I totally forgot about this. I should be able to do that, yeah.

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