Psylocke is a member of the X-Men who is a playable character in LEGO Marvel Superheroes.


A skilled and deadly martial artist, Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock is a mutant with powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities. She wields a variety of psi-powered weapons -- most notably, her signature telekinetic katana blade.

Appearances in Story

Psylocke does not have a major role in the story but is thought to have aided the heroes in their mission to prevent Doctor Doom from creating a weapon of mass destruction.


  • Psylocke can use advanced melee attacks with her psychic blade.
  • Psylocke can create a force field.
  • Psylocke can use telekinesis.
  • Psylocke is an acrobat
  • Psylocke is a telepath
  • Psylocke has mind control


Psylocke can be unlocked by completing Captain Britain's second mission.


  • Psylocke is the twin sister of Captain Britain.
  • Psylocke is the younger sister of Jamie Braddock.
  • Psylocke and her bothers, Brian and Jamie are half Otherworlders from their father's side.


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