Mister Fantastic (Future Foundation) is a variation of Mister Fantastic that is playable in LEGO Marvel Superheroes.

Appearances in Story

Mister Fantastic (Future Foundation) is seen in his default variation as one of the heroes that helps defend against Doctor Doom and his weapon of mass destruction.

Mister Fantastic is first seen in one mission tracking down Doctor Octopus along with Spider-Man and Captain America. When they catch up to the villain the Cosmic Brick is stolen by Green Goblin who then heads towards Oscorp Tower.

Later, Mister Fantastic is seen with the Fantastic Four in a mission called Operation: Latveria in which the heroes must try to raid the Doom's Castle. There they find Green Goblin, who knocks out Human Torch, however the other heroes manage to defeat Green Goblin. Doctor Doom then escapes with Loki while he had the chance.

Mister Fantastic then joins Wolverine and Hulk and together they battle Magneto, Mastermind and the Statue of Liberty, which was being controlled by Magneto. The heroes defeat Mastermind but are thrown away by the Statue of Liberty.

Once Doctor Doom is defeated Loki reveals his plans to release Galactus upon the worlds and with no choice left Nick Fury assembles a team of heroes! including Mister Fantastic, as well as villains.


  • Mister Fantastic (Future Foundation) can use advanced melee attacks with his flexibility.
  • Mister Fantastic (Future Foundation) can pull certain grapples.
  • Mister Fantastic (Future Foundation) can manipulate his body in Fantastic Four interaction points.
  • Mister Fantastic (Future Foundation) can turn into a teapot.


Mister Fantastic (Future Foundation) can be unlocked by completing Ghost Rider's second mission.


  • Mister Fantastic (Future Foundation) is a reskinned version of Mister Fantastic and has all the same abilities as Mister Fantastic's default costume.


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