Deadstroke2 This article is a non-content article; such articles do not have information on the wiki's topic but rather the wiki's rules, regulations etc.

Editing is free for everyone but it is crucial for every user to read, understand, and follow the rules below before becoming a part of this wiki community. Violation of these policies can warrant a block of varying length based on the nature of the offense. Administrators and staff will issue warnings and blocks whenever necessary.


Correct Information

Before posting any information it is crucial for the user to make sure his information is true and none of it is fabricated in order to ensure that readers will obtain correct information without being confused. No two pages of this wiki should contradict one another. Posting false information unintentionally will result in a warning, however repeated offenses may result in a block from editing.


This wiki is a community for all ages and therefore must be treated as such. No one has the right to use any profanity regardless of in comments or in articles.

In addition this is an English Wiki and therefore users must write articles and/or communicate using English.


Vandalism, which is the act of intentionally ruining an article, has zero tolerance in this wiki and therefore will result in immediate 1 week+ ban in accordance to the severity of the offense. Vandalism is the most common reason for bans so it is important for all users to follow this rule strictly.


Image cluttering, which is crowding a page with unneccesary information should not be used on this wiki. Images should be posted in a limit and for good reason. Failure to follow this rule will result in varying bans in accordance to the amount of pictures unnecesarily posted. However the first offense will only result in a warning.

It is also important to note that all images must be related to the LEGO Marvel/DC Universe. No images outside this universe is permitted in main space. However, users may use such images within forum, blog and user-pages.