LEGO Batman: The Videogame is the first installment of the LEGO Batman series. LEGO Batman mainly features Batman and Robin, the main protagonists, as well as their numerous villains including the Riddler, the Penguin, and the Joker.


In the beginning of this game a group of villains including Riddler, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Clayface were attempting to perform thievery. After Batman and Robin manage to defeat Clayface, he discovers that Riddler got away on Two Face's van. Batman attaches a tracker on the van and tracks them down. Batman and Robin follow the Riddler into Mr. Freeze's base and quickly defeats Mr.Freeze and continues to fight Poision Ivy who rescues Riddler. Batman and Robin defeat Poision Ivy and then defeats Two-Face. The last battle is with Riddler, and Batman at last manages to defeat him as well.

Later, Penguin along with Killer Croc, Man-Bat, Bane, and Catwoman, plotted to take over the city by using several penguin robots. When Batman and Robin reached the sewers they imprisoned Killer Croc. Later the duo challenged Man Bat, who they also defeated. Batman and Robin's last battle is with the Penguin and Catwoman. After defeating them Batman and Robin move on to defeat their last enemy Joker.

Joker along with Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, Killer Moth, and Harley Quinn planned to spread chaos. Batman reaches the factory that Joker was operating in and defeats Mad Hatter, however Joker escapes on his helicopter. The news comes that Commissioner Gordon was kidnapped and Batman rushes to the scene to fight Harley Quinn. Once Harley Quinn was defeated Batman fought Joker, the last boss. Eventually Batman and Robin defeated Joker and the story ends.

Character Grid

Below is the complete grid for LEGO Batman: The Videogame.

LEGO Batman: The Videogame
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 BatVidToken RobVidToken BrucVidToken AlfVidToken BatGirlVidToken NightwingVidToken ComVidToken Police1VidToken FishmongerVidToken SoldierVidToken SecuVidToken SWAT1VidToken
2 ScientistVidToken SailorVidToken Police2VidToken ClayfaceVidToken FreezeVidToken PoisIvyVidToken TwoFaceVidToken RiddlerVidToken BaneVidToken CatVidToken CatClasVidToken KilCrocVidToken
3 ManBatVidToken PenguinVidToken HarleyVidToken ScarecrowVidToken KillerMothVidToken MadHatterVidToken JokerVidToken JokerTropicalVidToken IvyGoonVidToken ZooKeepVidToken FreezeGirlVidToken YetiVidToken
4 RiddlerGoonVidToken RiddlerHenchmanVid PenguinVidToken PenguinHenchmanVidToken PenguinMinionVidToken JokerGoonVidToken JokerHenchVidToken ClownGoonVidToken HushVidToken RasAlVidToken Custom Character 1 Custom Character 2



  • Xbox360
  • PlayStation 2


  • DS Lite
  • PSP


  • The game LEGO Batman: The Videogame focuses only on Batman and Robin as the main protagonists unlike the majority of LEGO Super Heroes Games.

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