Green Goblin (Ultimate) is the big-figure variation of Green Goblin, who is a villain of Spider-Man.

Appearances in Story

Green Goblin is seen in his minifigure form in the story mode. He is one of the many villains who teams with Doctor Doom to create a weapon of mass destruction.

Green Goblin is first seen taking the Cosmic Brick from Doctor Octopus, who had failed to keep it away from the heroes. Green Goblin then proceeds to Oscorp Tower where he distracts the heroes using Venom. The heroes arrived too late to stop Green Goblin but they managed to defeat him soon after in Doom's Castle.


  • Green Goblin has super-strength that can be used in melee range.
  • Green Goblin can use a ground slam that deals high amounts of damage.
  • Green Goblin can pick up rocks from the ground and throw them as a ranged attack.


To unlock Green Goblin (Ultimate), the player must find his character token in Deadpool's secret mission The Thrill of the Chess.


  • This design of the Green Goblin is based on his appearance from the Ultimate Spider-Man TV series, which is in turn, based on his appearance from the Ultimate Spider-Man comics.


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