Catwoman (1966) is a variation of Catwoman as she appears on the 1966 Batman Show.

Appearances in Story

Catwoman (1966) does not have a major role in the story but is thought to have aided Brainiac in his mission to use the power of the lantern rings to shrink planets into miniature size.


  • Catwoman (1966) can use advanced melee attacks using her whip.
  • Catwoman (1966) can use super sense to locate objects
  • Catwoman (1966) can grapple.
  • Catwoman (1966) can hit ranged targets.
  • Catwoman (1966) is an acrobat.
  • Catwoman (1966) can dig through mounds.


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  • Catwoman (1966) is the earliest known Catwoman variant from the LEGO Batman series.