1966 Batgirl is a variation of Batgirl as she is appears in the 1966 Batman show.

Appearances in Story

Batgirl (1966) does not have any direct role in the storymode but is included in free play and certain extra levels outside the main storyline.


  • Batgirl (1966) can use basic melee attacks such as punches and kicks.
  • Batgirl (1966) is an acrobat.
  • Batgirl (1966) can hit ranged targets.
  • Batgirl (1966) can grapple.


Batgirl (1966) is unlocked along with other 1966 variants in the 1966 level found in the Batcave hub.


  • Batgirl (1966) unlike the other 1966 variants only appears to have slight color variants when compared to her default skin.


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