76039 Ant-Man Final Battle is a Marvel set released in 2015. It has 183 pieces and includes Ant-Man, Yellow Jacket and Hank Pym.


The set includes a giant ant for Ant-Man and big LEGO bricks as well as two small ants.

The major feature is to represent shrinking by increasing the size of the ant (i.e the smaller single-piece any represents a real ant while the large ant is the same ant except enlarged). The loose LEGO bricks correspond to the large bricks built separately with pieces.

The enlarged, magnified ant is the main build and features two translucent wings and some articulation in the legs.



  • This set is intended to represent a scene from the film Ant-Man.
  • The ant included in this set, known as Ant-Thony is a playable character in LEGO Marvel's Avengers.


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