76027 Black Manta Deep Sea Strike is a 2014 set featuring 387 pieces for $39.99. It features four minifigures and three major components.


The set comes with two main builds as well as a few miniature extra builds. The major build is Black Manta's submarine shaped as a manta. The other major component is Batman's submarine.

Black Manta's submarine comes with a removable cockpit with flick missiles on either side. The wings of the sub extend in a curved manner. Attaching the main portion of the sub to the tail is a long coil piece.

Batman's submarine comes with a removable cockpit. The submarine has a sleek look and is primarily black in color. The vehicle has room for one minifigure and features flick missiles on either side.

The miniature build included in this set is a small underwater ruins build in which Robin is trapped. The build includes white pillars and a suspended trident owned by Aquaman.



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