X-Men vs The Sentinel is a 2014 Marvel Super Heroes themed set that originally retailed for $49.99. The set has 336 pieces and four minifigures.


X-Men vs The Sentinel includes a large mold of the Sentinel as well as the X-Jet. The set is intended to include many of the major members of the X-Men.

The Sentinel features several joints for articulation including joints in the fingers in order to grab minifigures in a stable manner. The left hand, however, features a blaster and no potable fingers. To either side of the Sentinel's head is a flick missile. The Sentinel's torso is primarily purple and pink with a red triangular core. Both legs of the Sentinel are identical and include two joints of articulation each.

The X-Jet is relatively sleek and includes flick missiles in the far back area of the jet. The color of the jet is primarily dark blue with black and gray highlights. The cockpit has room for multiple figures. The entire jet can hold all four minifigures featured in this set. The jet also includes a fire extinguisher and toolbox.



  • This set's relatively high price point is thought to be due to the highly desired minifigures included.


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